How to Create Long Blank Messages in Chats

If you wonder what long blank messages are, you are not alone. They might not say much, but receiving a long, empty text might speak volumes. Let’s look at what empty messages mean and how you can create them on your devices.  

1. What are long blank messages, and why do they exist?

They say that silence speaks louder than words, and now, you can send it over text. As the name suggests, long blank messages are empty messages. There are many uses for long blank messages, and to those who send them, you can use the blank messages to convey different things. If you are in a fight, a long blank text means you don’t want to talk at the moment.

At other times, sending a blank message is just a way to have fun with family and friends. They won’t know why and how you are doing it.

2. How to Create a Long Blank Message on an iPhone

Now that you know why you can use blank messages, it’s time to learn how to create them. iPhone users can create blank messages using the default message app on their devices. On older iOS versions, sending a blank message was as easy as hitting the spacebar and sending the message from the ‘Enter’ button. Since the latest iPhone updates don’t allow this feature, there is a trick you can use.

Use Your Web Browser

When on the web, we access a lot of content, and while we see the words and images, spaces are still present. To send a blank message using an iPhone, pay attention to the whitespaces between words.

You can highlight the whitespace between words and copy it. The next step is simple: Tap and hold in the area where you want to paste the option. Once you paste, the send option becomes active, and you can send your blank message.

Copy or Forward a Blank Message

After receiving a blank message, you can be intrigued to send one yourself. Instead of checking out new ways of sending long blank messages, you can cut to the chase by copying and forwarding the message.

Copying and pasting is a straightforward process, and the best thing is that every time you need to send a new text, all you have to do is visit your chats and re-use it.

3. How to Create a Long Blank Message on an Android Phone

Tricks that apply to iPhones can also apply to Android devices. Android users can also try taking advantage of various apps to send long blank messages.

Use a Blank Message App

There are various apps designed to help you send blank messages, and the good news is that you can install them on your phone. Several apps do this, so you can select one that meets your preferences.

Depending on the app, you can select the number of blank characters that you can copy to your clipboard to generate. After this, the next step is usually pasting the text when you are ready to send a long blank message.

4. How to Create a Long Blank Message on a Computer

On a PC or Mac computer, you also have options for sending long blank messages that you can transfer to other devices like the iPhones and Android.

Use Methods from the Empty Character Site

One site specializing in empty characters is a no-brainer; it’s us! Visit the site and scroll down to a section listing various methods for sending an empty character.

The first option is to copy a button on the site onto your clipboard. Once you open your chat box, paste the empty character and send. Option one is one of the easiest ways to send a long blank text since you can paste it as many times as you need to get the desired length of your blank message.

Another option is to copy the text manually from its blue-bordered text area and paste it. With the help of the site, you can use what works for you.

5. Why People Send Long Blank Messages and What You Could Use Them For

There are many reasons why people send blank messages. The general application for long blank messages indicates that the sender has something to say, but they can’t capture it using words. The person might be trying to get your attention, but they might not know what they should say.

As you might already suspect, there are many applications to long blank messages. One would be to sound unique, especially to someone new. As strangers interact on the internet, sending that first message can be threatening. A blank text is an excellent ice-breaker under all circumstances.

Another application for blank messages is to prank your loved ones. They can wonder why they got your message and what it means; it’s a great way to make things in your chats livelier.                              

6. The Dangers of Sending Long Blank Messages and How to Avoid Them

For an ordinary sender, shooting out a blank message can be harmless. But to those who receive it, the long blank text might read differently. One interpretation is that your blank message might be associated with hacking. In the IT world, receiving an email with blank messages indicate that malicious actors are targeting your network.

Someone who receives a long blank message from a stranger might assume the worst. Such an individual might block you or even report your number in response. To avoid the dangers of long blank texts, always send them to people you have commonalities with to avoid landing in trouble. 

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