The Best Cloud-Storage and File-Sharing System

Living in the digital world means that your data and information aren’t stored in folders or filing cabinets anymore. Instead, all of them are available on your laptop, computer, or smartphone, more specifically in the best cloud-storage and file-sharing system that you can find.

Generally, without the cloud storage system, you would be using the space in your devices. However, these storage spaces get taken up because new pictures, documents, music, videos, etc., are constantly being uploaded onto them. Doesn’t matter if you have 128 GB or 450 GB storage, it’s going to get filled eventually.

Suppose you need to share some files with your colleagues or other employees. One way is to share through the LAN connection, but that can usually lead to a connection issue, which can also result in the file being lost. Transferring and sharing files through the USB drive is also possible.

But there is a better and more efficient way to do it. Using one of the best cloud storage and file-sharing systems can help reduce communication barriers. You can share files with your colleagues or other stakeholders and collaborate to access, view, and edit the files in real-time. Sending files to and fro for changes and revisions is too much hassle.

Before you move on to the subject of this detailed article, you need to understand what the internet is. Although the internet is virtual, its physical form is stored in servers. Any service that you use has cloud storage. Take the example of any internet service provider; they have servers all over the country, and all your browsing data is stored in their secured servers.

Even Xfinity, which is one of the largest internet service providers in the US, has servers in various locations where all your internet browsing and private information is stored. They store information of users who subscribe to Xfinity internet plans, making it easy for them to have all the information in one place.

With this explanation in mind, it will make it easier for you to understand cloud storage and file sharing.

Cloud Sharing

In the digital age, cloud storage is one of the most convenient and efficient methods of storing data.

Rather than saving your data in local storage (i.e., your device’s hard drive), you can save your data digitally in storage centers that are located in remote locations. You can access your data through an internet connection. 

To sum it up, storage service providers allow you to store your data in their storage centers, along with generating revenue through this service.

File Sharing

Along with cloud storage, these services also provide the option for file sharing.

Through the file-sharing service, you can share multiple files with other users simultaneously. Just like with cloud storage, your files are shared between multiple servers. You select the file to be shared from your device, upload it to the cloud, and share the file access URL with other users.

The Best Cloud-Storage and File-Sharing System for Personal or Business Use

You don’t necessarily need cloud storage for storing business information. You may also need it for your personal use. Where are all the snaps, videos, sounds, notes, etc., that you made over the years going to go?

The cloud storage system is your answer.

Find below the top 5 best cloud storage services that offer file-sharing options as well.

Google Drive

If you have a Gmail account, you are in luck. Google offers 15 GB of free storage in their Google Drive cloud storage. There is also a dedicated app through which you can access all your information stored in Google Drive or share files with other users.

If you need to use more than 15 GB of storage, then you can sign up for a membership plan. The basic Google Drive cloud storage plan offers 100 GB for just $1.99 per month.

Employees can also get business plans: $6 per month for 30 GB of storage for each user, $12 per month for 2 TB storage for a single user, and so on. All these plans also include security controls and standard support for these services.


This cloud storage and file-sharing service offers only 2 GB of free storage.

But getting a subscription plan can get you extra storage. There is a Plus plan for individuals at just $9.99 per month with 2 TB of cloud storage, a Family plan for multiple users at $16.99 per month with 2TB cloud storage (for up to 6 users), and finally, there is Essentials plan (for professionals) at $18 per month where a user received 3 TB of cloud storage.

Dropbox cloud storage and file-sharing can be accessed through PC, Android, and iOS and is loaded with multiple features of user customization.

Amazon Photos

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have an advantage; you get free and unlimited photo storage along with 5 GB of video storage. Whereas, the rest of the users i.e. non-Amazon users can get free 5 GB storage for photos and videos.

If you want more storage, there are two options: a 100 GB plan for $1.99 annually. Amazon Photos can sync with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, except for Linux.

Note that this cloud-storage and file-sharing is only for photos and videos.

Apple iCloud Drive

Only iPhone, iPad, and Mac users are eligible to use the Apple iCloud Drive cloud storage and file-sharing system. You can only share and receive files from other Apple users.

If you are an Apple user, you will automatically receive 5GB of free storage. However, if you want more space, you can sign up for the storage plans. The prices for these plans vary for many different regions. For Apple users in the US, 50GB cloud storage will cost you $0.99/month, 200GB for $2.99/month, 2TB for $10.99/month, and so on.

You can share everything in your Apple cloud with other 5 users only.


This cloud storage and file-sharing service is pretty generous in terms of its free plan. You can enjoy up to 10GB of storage in its individual plan, which is a lot of storage for one user!

However, its subscription plans are a bit pricey and mostly reserved for businesses. The Business Plus plan offers up to 15GB of storage and integration with Microsoft Office, Teams, Salesforce, and other applications at $39/mo. The higher-tiered plans offer more storage space for a multiple number of users, as you can see from its subscription plans.

With Box service, you can quickly copy and share links to the content stored in the Box with other users who are within or outside the organization.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand how cloud storage and file-sharing work, you will definitely agree that having the best cloud storage and file-sharing services in the digital world has been a blessing!

Out of the above-mentioned services, Google Drive is definitely the best cloud storage for personal use as well as file sharing. And Box service is ideal for business use because of its integration with various applications.

Paying for these storage spaces might be a bit too pricey, but they are worth it. Plus, you can be assured that all your files will be kept securely in these cloud systems, with you being the only one to have access to your files unless you share with others.

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