Does a VPN Work for Any Game?

Using VPNs for gaming has seen a huge uptick in the last few years. Specific gaming VPNs have also seen a surge in demand with some developers offering them as a lucrative alternative. However, one question some gamers ask regularly is whether or not a VPN works for any game – whether it is a live event or something more casual or not and is it worth it..?

The legalities of VPNs for gaming

It is not a silly question to raise. Many gamers do have legitimate concerns about how legal it is to play using a VPN – or whether the opposite is true. It is fair to say that some game developers and publishers consider using a VPN as a malicious practice. Why? They think it gives one player an edge over another and that is seen as unfair. There are also issues with the security of game playing as it can interfere with geoblocking.

Playing games with a VPN is not illegal, however – if you are spotted using a VPN while logged in and playing a multiplayer game, there is every reason to suspect you could be banned or at the very least suspended from playing that same game again in the future.

Here is the rub – VPNs work for most games and a lot of developers recognize the benefits of using them – but there are still some (such as the folks who developed Overwatch 2, Fortnite, and World of Warcraft) who have made it crystal clear that they do not tolerate use of VPNs for gaming.

One great example of the differing legal stances on VPN usage in gaming is the iGaming industry. As a fully established industry that is very quick and eager to embrace new technologies that benefit the delivery of its products and services as well as its customers, VPNs are not wholly accepted. Take this list of Malaysian online casinos from as our basis. You will find that at BK8 MY Casino you will be able to register and play its games while using a VPN. However, if you were to try to play at BK8 from North Korea with a VPN, it would not be possible as VPNs are banned there. Additionally, there are plenty of examples of online casinos that do not allow VPN usage. iGaming remains at a critical juncture for plenty of new tech implementations – from crypto casinos to VPN-friendly casinos – so it will be very interesting to see how legislation and policies develop down the line, and what it will mean for the wider gaming industry.

The pros and cons of using VPNs for gaming

OK, so if you really do want to start using a VPN for gaming at safe places to play and you are aware of the developers and games who frown upon it, then you are all set. It is a good idea to understand the pros and cons of using one though.

Here are the pros:

  • It can protect your identity – so if nobody knows where or who you are, you can be kept safe from things like swatting, or doxxing.
  • It can assist with circumventing restrictions. You can therefore get ahead and play games before their official release in your country.
  • Stability of play. VPN gameplay can help you circumnavigate bandwidth throttling, high ping, and even help you avoid lag – which can be great for high-traffic live events in gaming

It can connect you with friends all over the world – say you have gaming buddies in Europe and you are in the USA VPNs can help you connect and chat with them much easier.

Here are the cons:

If you are using something that is considered to be a bad VPN – or one that is not well known or recognized among other players, you risk compromising your network-based security.

Some game developers (as we have mentioned) do not like VPNs and can ban you from gaming on their platforms or games if you are detected using one.

There are lots of different VPN services that have been developed specifically for gamers. For the most part, many of them are extremely difficult to detect and you can play unnoticed. That is how it should be. Always choose your provider carefully to avoid any problems.

At the end of the day, it is all very subjective. What we all want is to be safe while doing the most basic of online things like messaging and browsing and gaming. VPNs do work for most games and can be beneficial However, there are some developers and players who think they can be unfair or even illegal. Ultimately, providing you are playing within the rules and not using them maliciously they are a great thing to utilize. If you want a safe and secure gaming experience then a VPN will work for any game and help you.

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