Play Online With VPN – How Does It Work?

Everyone has heard the word VPN before. It is short for “Virtual Private Network”. This applies like your own identity, but on the Internet. But it makes sense to encrypt the IP. People do many things online these days and use their own data. This also applies, for example, when we shop online or play in an online casino.

A VPN encrypts your own IP and thus the user can protect himself. The real IP is thus concealed, your own privacy is protected and traceability is significantly reduced. In addition, thanks to VPN, censorship restrictions can also be circumvented. In order to be able to play at these casinos, more and more people are using VPN software. But is this legal and is this really the solution for a VPN online casino?

What Is Online Gambling VPN?

Due to stricter laws, it is no longer possible to play in online casinos in many countries. Therefore, some providers have completely blocked access for players from certain countries. However, this problem can be circumvented with a VPN server.

The IP address can be adapted to the country and blocked pages can be made accessible and usable again. This works on normal laptops and PCs as well as for mobile casinos on cell phones or tablets.

The prerequisite is that the selected IP address comes from a country where gambling is not prohibited. This gives the player access to the pages even if they are in a different location.

Important: It is forbidden to set up multiple customer accounts with one provider. Due to the different IPs and locations, this is in theory quite possible.

What Advantages Does VPN Offer?

VPN online casinos offer various advantages. These are:

  • The actual IP address is no longer visible.
  • VPN services prevent advertising and malicious sites.
  • Hackers have much bigger problems.
  • The user is protected by VPN.

Unfortunately, using a VPN to play in an offshore online casinos, like ninewin casino, is neither legal nor recommended for British players. Although a VPN theoretically offers more flexibility and significantly greater freedom in online gambling, users of non UKGC casinos run the risk of losing their winnings and, in the worst case, being ripped off.

How VPN Is Used in Online Casinos?

A VPN casino is basically nothing more than a regular online casino. The software for IP encryption can be easily downloaded to any device that runs Android or iOS. The VPN service is therefore an intermediary and thus enables access to foreign online casinos.

What Reasons Are There for Online Casinos to Ban Gambling With VPNs in Their Own Terms & Conditions?

It depends on the laws of the country and the licensing regulations as to what the terms and conditions of the online casino are. Anyone who tolerates VPN as a casino operator can make themselves liable to prosecution. Some countries punish this very harshly. Those that either heavily regulate casino games such as online slots or even ban them entirely, as in the case of blackjack or roulette, are very strict. Casinos with a license have therefore also recognized the laws of the relevant country. Disregarding the rules can not only be expensive for a VPN casino. In the worst case scenario, you can also lose your own license.


A secure online casino with VPN can therefore be advantageous for players in whose country gambling is banned. VPN therefore offers advantages for many players. However, it should be noted that this is not legal in the UK and that players who use a VPN online casino cannot expect any security in terms of data and player protection.

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